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How does it work?


The Zeiko approach consists in starting with the key elements by presenting them in a maximum of 3 pages and organizing all the information around them thanks to a progressive appearance of linked pages. To trigger this appearance, all you have to do is click on the elements that interest you.


Drag-and-drop editing lets you create ultra-fast, with over 100+ ready-to-use blocks. You can also create your own elements directly through an innovative and intuitive interface.


Detail key information by adding interactive pages and bring literally your content to life.


No need to redo slides in addition to your documents to present to your customers, you can present directly with your Zeiko supports!


A wide range of ready-to-use professional templates

Customize them in just a few clicks

Annual report


Zeiko is actually much more than a report!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A specific channel is available on our Discord server to share your suggestions and comments. You can also use the contact form.
No, you just have to send them a sharing link that you can generate within the software. By clicking on this link, your audience will be able to access your document directly from the web without having to install anything.
Yes, you can convert your Zeiko support to PDF and then print it. A QR code will be added to link towards the dynamic and interactive version of your support.
As safety measures, your Zeiko supports are encrypted and we enable you to choose specific permissions to precisely restrict access to them.
You can send us a request using our contact form. We will assist you as soon as possible.
Yes, Zeiko supports are particularly well suited to making impactful and interactive presentations.